Whether it's concrete or sand, there are elements of the freestall that can be hard on the animal, and hard on your bottom line. The cow spends a large percentage of her time in the stall, so the condition of that lying surface is extremely important. It needs to be an environment that allows her to be comfortable, rest, and PRODUCE!

We offer two options to manage the challenges of freestall lying surfaces and the impact on the cow.

Potential problems from improper surface conditions in sand and concrete stalls:

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New BEDDING $AVER will cut your sand usage by up to 50%!

Less sand in your lagoon/separator = $AVING$!

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One of the only physical upgrades to your dairy that produces a payback within 18 months.

  • Cows can get up easier.
  • Supports hoof, keeps bed level & minimizes sand waste.
  • Robust, comfortable & improves lying position.
  • Cow beds are significantly dryer.
  • Super quick & easy installation.
  • 2' x 5' x 1.5" thick, 70 pounds each

Three Installation Styles:

Bedding Saver Full Length Stall Bed Installation Bedding Saver Partial Length Stall Bed Installation Bedding Saver Midway Stall Bed Installation

Click here to download the Bedding $aver product info sheet with installation instructions. (PDF)

Call or email for a Cow Comfort Kit and get your free sample!


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Your cows will be content, healthier and more productive on a Foamat.

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Poly Brisket Systems

Positioning the cow correctly in the freestall is key to optimizing cow comfort.

  • Preserve crucial lunge space needed to properly lie down and more importantly get up and out of the stall.
  • Maintain cleaner animals and freestalls by keeping the manure out in the alley, and not in the lying area.
  • Less labor and maintenance in cleaning out the stalls.


Poly Brisket Tube is a versatile, durable tool, that can help get the best performance from any bedding system.

  • Made of high density polyethylene for durability and long life.
  • It easily adjusts up or down, and in or out, for different size animals and different bedding environments.
  • It mounts directly on the freestall, so there is no concrete required in the stall.
  • The round shape means no injury to the cow’s dewclaw.


Poly Brisket Board has a smooth contour that protects dew claws.

  • Simple to install.
  • Will not splinter like wood.
  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Super-tough poly material.
  • 6 foot lengths.